Always seems to fall.
But would rise as fast as I could.
Carried away by the wind of success.
Desiring to become a better version of myself.

Eager to look ahead amidst sorrow.
Fear of failing couldn’t stop me.
Gold medals one day would be worn on my neck.
High above the skies I would sail.
In myself I see all these greatness.
Just to know there are “Riches Untold”

Keeping my eyes fixed to His promise.
Looking towards the path of greatness.
My mind is already made up.
Nothing could withhold this great call.
Only these words I will hold in my heart, the many “Riches Untold”.

Purposefully moving towards my call.
Quenchless is my thirst for the Crown.
Resting on the walls where stories of great mean are told of the many Riches Untold.

Stories I know will greatly be told.
Tomorrow is mine to win.
Unending is my zeal to thrive.

Vehemently winning amidst the pain.
Words can’t tell it all of all the greatness tomorrow holds, the great Riches Untold.

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