Life’s Failures – Julie Hebert 2020-10-06 by olabamerun

Life’s Failures – Julie Hebert 2020-10-06 by olabamerun

In life we will have failures, always wishing we had waivers,
To take back what we’ve just done.
So take some time, to sit and unwind,
So you can see what you’ve learned from.

It may be something small, maybe even smaller than a doll,
Something that not everyone else would see,
But the important part is that you don’t fail or fall
To learn something that’s within thee.

So why don’t we just let failures be the threat,
Because a failure is more than just that.
If we can allow ourselves to see, that maybe a failure is our key,
Our next attempt may have a better chance at.

So start to change your mind, that a failure can be kind,
If we allow ourselves to learn from it.
No more shall a failure bring unhappiness to him
As it’s now one less failure to submit.

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