TAKE UP THE TASK 2020-09-30 by olabamerun

Have you ever thought of the reason Micheal Jackson went so viral? It’s because he discovered his assignment and took it as his purpose, you can never retract fear of the unknown and Ignorance when purpose is discussed. Your assignment is your purpose and calling, It is what keeps you moving till your last breath on Earth.Have you discovered it […]

Iyabo Ojo Advises Followers Not To Allow People Talk Them Down, Says ” I Was Called Block Head Academically, Today I Employ Graduates” 2020-10-01 by olabamerun

Iyabo Ojo took to Twitter to advise her followers not to allow others talk them down or foist labels on them. The actress/business woman revealed that she didn’t get much formal education and was called a “blockhead”, yet she identified her area of strength and made good use of it. She added that she now employs graduates then asked who […]

Seven Steps To Evolving A Passion, And Making It Work – Step Three And Four 2020-10-02 by olabamerun

Step Three: Cut Out Distractions Cultivating whims and exploring new passions requires time. One of the reasons I’ve placed such an emphasis on productivity with myself, is that without it I couldn’t explore these options. If your interests are genuine and worth exploring, it shouldn’t be too difficult to eliminate the non-essentials. Distractions such as television, excess internet usage and […]

Seven Steps To Evolving A Passion, And Making It Work – Step 5, 6, And 2020-10-02 by olabamerun

Step Five: Make a Passion that Creates Value If you have a skill that creates social value, you can make money through almost any medium. Monetizing a passion takes skill, as any entrepreneur can tell you, but without providing legitimate value it is impossible. You need to transform your developing passions into a skill that can fill human needs. Some […]