Olabamerun Oluwatise–Co-Founder
Daniel O.Agi— Founder And CEO

Our Story

Welcome to Treasure Mind! It’s great to meet you. This is a community of achievers where you will find the light you seek and become the best version of yourself. We are so much interested in your welfare to make your dreams and aspirations come true.

Core Values

Every assest has a quality that renders it desirable. It’s highly esteemed and a determining factor if it’s worth. The key to lasting relationships, becoming great and retaining greatness lies in the value; morals, morality, belief systems of individual or a corporate body.

Treasure Mind is not about enhancing growth alone, we nuture morals. Integrity and creativity are our most esteemed values. We are interested in building minds that have their own voices, putting the limitless mind to maximum use.

We want to bring up young people to be men and women of strict moral adherence, even in our desecrated society, an impaired personality, wholesome and devoid of indecency.

What we do

Treasure Mind is all out and dedicated to teaching people especially the young ones to learn consciously through wisdom, not through life’s bitter lessons!
Treasure’s Thoughts filled with awesome knowledge, our facts where we learn about norms, cultures and traditions going into extinction because our depreciating society no longer values them, coupled with our monthly seminars where skills, both academic and entrepreneurship are acquired.

Futhermore, our counselling and mentoring session is based on making your mental and mindset a priority. Life is tough and unfriendly, no doubt. May abound but the solution can never be ending.

Moreover, we cannot always direct the winds, they’re fierce, tough, arrogant. They don’t succumb. They don’t submit. But, we own the sails. We own the canoes. We can adjust them. That’s the opportunity life handed us. The opportunity fate handed us, we can always adjust our sails. Our sails are our ideologies, our beliefs and thoughts. We can always get better.

However, the broad wings of experiences cover gathered knowledge, skills, opinions and events. They play a major role in the life of every individual. An extraordinary experience is not ordinary like the word connotes. It is exceptional, not the regular thing, remarkably good.

Significant growth only comes through uncommon experiences. Treasure Mind wants to help you grow.

Meet Our Team

Ayomide Kuye

Social Activist

Jamiu Fatimoh

Guidance Counselor

Oluyomi Nancy


Francisca Mbanwusi

Content Writer

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What Our Members Have to Say

You guys have really inspired me to do alot of things,you guys are the best and I really appreciate your efforts!

Kelvin Black

I want to say a very big thank you to the team who are trying thier best to make this brand go far,it is worth every single but of effort.

Zasha Swan

I am so happy I am part of you guys.You all have changed my life for the better ,thanks alot for all your support towards me, I really apprecaite.

Frank Jones

Impressive Work guys,Love the work going on here

Jack Brownn